"Thank you for quality work! It's all about the quality of the work and relationships. I appreciate you, Denise!"

– Don Cheadle

"Thank you, Denise! You made this journey so much easier."

– Ken Watanabe



“Denise’s work on Once in the Life was amazing.
She has an incredible ear for dialects.”

– Laurence FIshburne

“We owe you our sincere gratitude for extending your expertise and most of all your illuminating spirit. You are truly a jewel and we thank the creator for you.”

– Cristen M. Mills, Personal Liaison to Common, Think COMMON Entertainment, Inc.



“Thank you, Denise! You have been so helpful and comforting throughout this process. All my love to you!”

– Janelle Monae

"Denise understands the unique nature of our business. Her goal is to keep the inherent personality in each voice while losing the bad habits that drive viewers to distraction."

– Soledad O’Brien, Broadcast Journalist, Matter of Fact with Soledad O'Brien, Host



“I’m so grateful that you’ve helped me accelerate realizing my broadcasting goals and more. You are a gift.”

– Phaidra Knight, Broadcaster, World Rugby Hall of Fame Athlete

“Denise has a beautiful spirit that allows her to connect in a way that no other coaches can. She is truly amazing!”

– Moshe Popack, Founder, Chairman & CEO at YMP Real Estate Management, LLC